Vol. 5 No. 2 (2018): The Role of State in Contemporary Legal Development

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Rapid development of technology has lead to a dynamic society. Such condition demands rapid adjusment of policy as well as legal framework both internationally and nationally. While borderless environment has been one of the sources of global changes, it is argued that the protection of public interests should be strongly maintained. At this point, the role of state in accomodating global changes while still preserving public interests is emergingly important. This is because the role of state in making a positive legislative environment would enable various arms of the state to explore and achive their potential while preserving high standard of operations to protect public interest. Having published last edition focusing on culture and technological influence in regulatuion, Brawijaya Law Journal is pleased to publish this current issue focusing on The Role of State in Contemporary Legal Development within Volume 5 Number 2 issue.

The topic of the role of state can be discussed through variety of problems. This edition covers nine various papers related to the role of state ranging from the prevention of social conflict based on local wisdom to the state role in harmonizing regulation in diversed society. Other papers covers states role in areas of trade investment, state administrative disputes, natural resources management (especially in mining), class action and legal procedures, population administrative policy and judicial approach in child crimes.

Published: 2018-10-30