Restorative Justice: an Alternative Process for Solving Juvenile Crimes in Indonesia


  • Mahfud Jufri Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia
  • Norbani Mohamed Nazeri Malaya University, Malaysia
  • Saroja Dhanapal Malaya University, Malaysia



restorative justice, alternative process, juvenile crimes, Indonesia


Restorative justice concept may refer to an alternative process for solving disputes including criminal law violation has been well known in Indonesia. The Act Number 11, 2012 on Juvenile Justice System has acknowledged restorative justice approach as a part of criminal justice system in dealing with a child in conflict with the law. It has become an essential provision in the Act as it provides option for law enforcers to avoid punishing juvenile offenders through traditional criminal approach. This research aims to examine restorative justice for juvenile offenders in Indonesia based on the Juvenile Justice System Act Number 11, 2012 as a form of alternative dispute resolution for juvenile crimes and other related laws and to provide a brief of the implementation of restorative justice in Indonesia that is integrally enforced in Indonesian criminal justice system dealing with a child in conflict with the law. It divides the discussion into two parts restorative justice in the juvenile justice system act 2012 and the implementation of restorative juvenile justice in Indonesia. In order to response to these research aims, this paper employs doctrinal legal research.

Author Biographies

Mahfud Jufri, Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia

PhD Student at Faculty of Law University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lecturer at Faculty of Law, Universitas Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Norbani Mohamed Nazeri, Malaya University, Malaysia

Associate Professor

Saroja Dhanapal, Malaya University, Malaysia

Senior Lecturer


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Jufri, Mahfud, Norbani Mohamed Nazeri, and Saroja Dhanapal. 2019. “Restorative Justice: An Alternative Process for Solving Juvenile Crimes in Indonesia”. Brawijaya Law Journal 6 (2):157-69.